Date: 7/27/2021

Rapporteurs: Bonventure Mukolwe, Dr Daniel Wasonga

TimePresenter’s nameTitleSub-themeInstitution
Session 1Moderator: Edgar Kadenge
9:00am- 9.15amKALRO DGOpening remarksKALRO
9.15am-9.30amOrla KilcullenOpening remarksSHA
9.30am-9.45amEU repOpening remarksEU
9.45am-10.00amProf. Agnes MwangombeOpening Keynote speechUoN
10.00am-10.15amProf. Hamadi BogaOfficial conference openingPS Agriculture
Session 2Moderator: Dr. Benjamin Kivuva
10.20am- 10.40amChristine KasichanaProfiling Of Cassava Leaf For Nutritional QualityAnd Safety For Human ConsumptionAgro-processing and value additionKALRO
10.40am-11.00amElijah MwangiUtilization Of Cassava Root And by-products as Animal Feeds In Taita Taveta And Kilifi CountiesAgro-processing and value additionUoN
11.00am-11.20amFrancis WayuaClimate-Smart Technologies For Postharvest Loss And Waste Reduction In Cassava Value Chain In KenyaAgro-processing and value additionKALRO
11.20am-11.40amHarun OdhiamboMycotoxins In Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz): A Persistent Threat To Human Health, Food Safety And It’S Management.Agro-processing and value additionKALRO
11.40noon-12.00pmJames Ndambuki MusyokaCassava Utilization And Processing In Kenya- ReviewAgro-processing and value additionKALRO
12.00pm-12:20pmSamwel MwathiPostharvest Handling Practices And Utilisation Of Cassava Leaves In Taita Taveta And Kilifi CountiesAgro-processing and value additionUoN
12:20pm-12:40pmProfessor ImungiProcessing And Value AdditionAgro-processing and value additionIndependent
12:40pm-1:00pmJane WambuguProgress on Flour Blending InitiativeFlour blendingMoA
1:00pm-1:30pmPlenary session
Session 3Moderator: Prof. Douglas Miano
2:15pm-2:35pmAmos TiiraDoes Market Organization Exacerbate Crop Production? Analysis Of The Cassava Marketing Value Chain At The Kenyan CoastMarketsUoN
2:35pm-2:55pmChristine OkothCassava Commercialization: Smallholder Opportunities, Lessons Learnt, Challenges and Homegrown SolutionsMarketsSHA
2:55pm-3:15pmCharles BettEconomic Evaluation Of Cassava Value Chain in KenyaMarketsKALRO
3:15pm-3:45pmMercy KaimenyiValue Proposition Canvas On CassavaEnterprise In KenyaMarketsKALRO
3:45pm-4:15pmPlenary session and closing remarks day 1


Date: 28/07/2021

Rapporteurs: James Ndambuki, Harun Odhiambo

TimePresenter’s NameTitleSub-themeInstitution
Session 1Moderator: Dr. Joyce Malinga
9:00am-9:30amDr Lusike WasilwaKeynote speechKALRO
9:30am-9:50amNicholas OwiroMycotoxin Contamination Of Cassava Fed To Indigenous Chicken In Western KenyaScalable case studiesKALRO
9:50am-10:10amCalvin OkunguCassava Production: Lessons from SHA Kenya Cassava Value Chain ProjectScalable case studiesSHA
10:10am-10:30amStephen MagigeExperiences/Lessons on Developing Cassava Seed SystemScalable case studiesMEDA
10:30am-10:50amSamwel OnyangoWorking With Farm Households To Exploit Cassava Crop Potential In Kenya: A Working Model In KenyaScalable case studiesUoN
10:50am-11.10amStephen WeruMultiplication Of Tajirika Cassava Variety For High Yields And Disease ToleranceScalable case studiesKALRO
11:10am-11:30amPlenary session
Session 2Moderator: Florence Munguti
12:00noon-12:20pmTheresah MungaA Review Of Cassava Good Agronomic PracticesScalable case studiesKALRO
12:20pm-12:40pmElizabeth ImboNutrition And Gender Mainstreaming In AgricultureScalable case studiesSHA
12:40pm-1pmPaul KuriaViral Genome Methylation As An Epigenetic Defense Against Cassava Mosaic GeminivirusesScalable case studiesKALRO
1:00pm-1:15pmPlenary session
Session 3Moderator: Julie Kariuki
2.00pm-2.20pmLynnete NavangiStability Analysis For Biomass And Fresh Root Yield Among Cassava Genotypes Evaluated Within Three Diverse Environments In Western KenyaEvidence-based research findings on cassavaJKUAT
2:20pm-2:40pmMorag FergusonVirus Elimination In Landraces And Elite Cassava Clones And Maintenance Of Clean StockEvidence-based research findings on cassavaIITA
2:40pm-3:00pmRose KamauFarmer Knowledge And Management Practices Of Cassava Arthropod Pests In Coastal KenyaEvidence-based research findings on cassavaMoA
3:00pm-3:20pmRuth AmataPerformance Of Cassava Genotypes Grown In The Semi-Arid Region Of Kiboko In Makueni CountyEvidence-based research findings on cassavaKALRO
3:20:pm-3:40pmWambua MutisyaCommercial And Subsistence Cassava Production Systems: What Is The Future For Smallholder Kenyan Cassava Production?Evidence-based research findings on cassavaKALRO
3:40pm-4:00pmPlenary and closing remarks


Date: 29/07/2021

Rapporteurs: Samwel Onyango, Kevin Okello

TimePresenter’s NameTitleSub-themeInstitution
Session 1Moderator: Dr. Morag Ferguson
9:00am-9:30amGeoffrey NyamotaStrategic partnerships for enhanced adoption of innovation and technology in cassava production and processingKeynote speechBountifield International
9:30am-9:50amBenjamin KivuvaImportance Of An Effective Clean Cassava Seed Delivery System In Cassava Value Chain In KenyaSeed systemsKALRO
9:50am-10:10amAntony LivoiAdoption Of Tissue Culture Technology As Away To Manage Cassava Diseases And Increase Access To Healthy Planting MaterialsSeed systemsUoN
10:10am-10:30amChristine MutoniGenetic Diversity And Viral Disease Determination Among Cassava Cultivars In Lamu CountySeed systemsUoN/KALRO
10:30am-10:50amFaizo KasuleCoupling Community Phytosanitation With Effective Isolation Distance From Surrounding Potential Sources Of Viral Infection To Combat Major Cassava Diseases In Eastern UgandaSeed systemsMakerere University
10:50am-11.10amFlorence MungutiAdopting A Quick, Direct, And Accurate On-Field Diagnostic Tool Based On Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification (Lamp) In Support Of Cassava Seed CertificationSeed systemsKEPHIS
11:10am-11:30amPaul KuriaTapping modern biotechnology to develop Kenyan cassava varieties with high resistance to virus diseasesSeed systemsKALRO
11:30am-11:50amPlenary session
Session 2Moderator: Calvin Okungu
12:20pm-12:40pmJohn NdunguMicro Propagation Of Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) For Clean Seed Availability to Kisumu, Busia and Lamu Counties Of KenyaSeed systemsKALRO
12:40pm-1pmPatrick KidasiEfficacy Of Minisett Technology On Growth And Development Of Common Cassava Varieties Grown At The Kenyan CoastSeed systemsUoN
1:00pm-1:20pmPatrick KatiemEnhancing Food Safety: Use Of Improved Solar Dryers In Managing Product Contamination And Aflatoxins In Cassava ProcessingMechanizationKALRO
1:20pm-1:40pmReuben RuttohReview Of Status Of Cassava Postharvest Handling In Busia CountyMechanizationKALRO
1:40pm-2:00pmPlenary session
Session 3Moderator: Christine Okoth
2:30pm-2:50pmRichard NjuePerformance Evaluation of a Cassava Solar Dryer in Busia CountyMechanizationKALRO
2:50pm-3:10pmDaniel WasongaEstimating growth and nutritional perfomance of cassava using RGB multispectoral imagingYouth and ICTUON
3:10pm-3:30pmEmmanuel MuniuCassava Processing Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs Youth and ICTRenman Africa
3:30pm-3:50pmHillary NyangangaAn Analysis of Information and Communication Technology gaps in agricultural sector and opportunities for the Youth in KenyaYouth and ICTUoN
3:50pm-4:10pmWinnie OnyangoPlantVillage Nuru: An AI-powered mobile app that diagnoses cassava diseases offlineYouth and ICTPlant Village Nuru
4:10pm-4:30pmKenneth MonjeroPrimary & High School Learners Empowerment On Cassava Value ChainYouth and ICTKALRO
5:00pm-5:10pmPlenary session
Session 4
5:10pm-5:15pmClarice Bugo – KiongeCassava CommuniqueSHA
5:15pm-5:30pmJuma MohammedClosing remarksMoA